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  • somehow i think they mean the drinks not the wedding

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 30, 09 at 8:53am
  • score for whoever got this text

    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 30, 09 at 2:07am
  • "somehow" you think that. could it be the way they are typing incoherently? seconded though, drug and hornr

    Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 13, 09 at 3:06pm
  • First

    Submitted by sumtergirl on Apr 11, 10 at 8:17pm
  • I think they mean weddings make them drunk and horny?

    Submitted by Hisgurl on Sep 21, 10 at 4:54pm
  • Incoherent txting, the best way to make a perfect relationship awkward and unpleasing

    Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 17, 09 at 9:32pm
  • best text ever. thirds on being drug and hornr at weddings though!

    Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 14, 09 at 5:31pm
  • Sometimes I wonder if some of the shit on here is just because people are bored.

    Submitted by yaylleigh on Dec 17, 11 at 10:01pm