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  • All the people who are still laughing while wiggling their pinkys.

    Submitted by porksword on Apr 19, 12 at 2:53pm
  • You walked up to the cop to ask what time it was, next thing I know you're cuffed and in the back seat.

    Submitted by Ahhaynie on Apr 19, 12 at 4:51pm
  • Yeah, the guy you're asking.

    Submitted by Alyssaaa123 on Apr 19, 12 at 1:09pm
  • everyone!

    Submitted by jokinjoe20 on Apr 19, 12 at 1:15pm
  • Hahaha I did this in high school once, I said I fingered someone on the dance floor to my female friend and I didn't know who it was. You can figure out the rest

    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Apr 19, 12 at 1:20pm