Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why hasn't my text been posted?

There are a few reasons this might happen.

1. We missed it. We get 15,000 submissions a day, and a few slip through the cracks. Some of these from last year are in our book, which you can buy just about anywhere, or by clicking here.

2. It's a repeat. Sometimes, users will text their friends old texts from TFLN. We recognize these, so it's not your fault you thought it was good. Just search and favorite it.

3. Context. If you have to give someone a back-story so they can understand why the text is good, it won't work on here. It's not that we don't care. Or maybe it is?

Q: When are you going to come out with a mobile app for Android / Palm / Atari / Nintendo Wii?

If you have an app that's not our iPhone App or BlackBerry app, it's not ours. We're almost done with our Android app.

Q: What do I do if I think I found a bug?

Go to our contact page and tell us about it! Be sure to include what operating system and browser you are using. For example, I am using Mac OS X and Firefox. When describing the problem, the more details the better! We're always working to make sure TFLN worms.

Q: Some of these comments are awful… WTF?

Yes. People say some pretty vile things on TFLN. Since there are hundreds of comments every day, you can help by clicking the "report" button next to the comment. We will be able to monitor which ones are getting reported often and delete comments that we find to be excessively inappropriate.

Q: I ordered a shirt, never got a confirmation email and you charged my credit card 45 times? WTF?

If you do not receive a confirmation email with an order number, then an order was not placed. The confirmation email will tell you all of the details of your order (from size to number ordered).
Charges may appear on your card even if your card was declined, but they will be reversed at the end of the next business day.

Q: I ordered a shirt but…

Having problems with an ordered shirt? Email your concern and your order number to and they will address the issue ASAP.

Q: I want to advertise on TFLN! How do I do this? How much does it cost?

We'd love to help you get your ad on TFLN and reach our 2.8M unique visitors a month. Email for all information, including our rate card.

Q: They blocked TFLN at work. What can I do?

Don't light your IT guy on fire. They're nice people who have the unfortunate job of making your day at work unpleasant. Email for our cheat sheet.

Q: The new TFLN sucks. You guys fail. Lame.

When we get emails like this, we can't do anything. In fact, we laugh a little inside, because just about everyone else loves it. Anyway, if you have criticism, we welcome it with open legs. Just be specific. Don't just say that we fail, tell us what part you would change if you were us. Leave constructive feedback here.